Spreading awareness and making a difference in the greater Cincinnati area through the power of Philanthropy.

Meet the presidents!

Caelan McFadden-Grubenhoff

Isabella Zinchini

Emma Gaver

"YPC/Youth Philanthropy Council is a club at WHHS that supports nonprofits in the Cincinnati area. Using the grant given to us through Magnified Giving and money that we raise our self, every year for the past three years we have been able to help up to three nonprofits. This club also brings new experiences by working with our nonprofits one on one through presentations and volunteering. You truly get to discover what philanthropy means to you."

"Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC) is a student-lead club at WHHS that focuses on philanthropy in the greater Cincinnati area. Each year we are able to donate a $1000 grant provided by Magnified Giving as well as money we raise ourselves to the non-profit(s) of our choice. YPC will teach you how to become a strong leader all while benefiting your community and changing the world around you. YPC is a great way for WHHS students to make a difference in the community."

"Youth Philanthropy Council, or YPC, is club where we help people in Cincinnati. It gives its members a chance to help people in their community, which is something that no other club can offer. We are given a 1,000 grant from Magnified Giving to help a nonprofit in the Greater Cincinnati Area."

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